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I’m on a bit of a Savatage kick … couldn’t resist.

Another sleepless night … concrete paradise


Lyric Snippet – Savatage, “Gutter Ballet” 1989. Of note: The Transiberian Orchestra is redoing this album as a musical. I heart it already …

Photo:  Repinned from Pinterest, source unknown. Possibly part of or inspired by the Ballerina Project, a photography series by Dane Shitagi  that takes ballerinas offstage and shoots them in unexpected places. The results are stunning. You can support the experiment by following their website and subscribing. I understand that if you buy a print the funds go to the ballerina who posed. The Ballerina Project is also on Pinterest and Facebook. There are now several similar projects and international offshoots – to name a few, the Ballerina Supremacy, and the Victoria Ballerina Project  I’m not sure which (if any) of them this photo came from originally; I doubt it is the original Ballerina project since I have only seen B&W photos there.

I love the juxtaposition of worlds in the photos. This one almost looks like it could have been snapped in an opera house, but then if you look closely, you’ll see that it wasn’t.

I also would absolutely love to see Ballet Deviare. Ballet and death metal; two of my favorite things.