Today’s prompt was an anagram. They provided linkage to a nifty anagram generator, which I might use for character names. I like playing with language. I like the rhythms of names and the connotations held in syllables, the meanings we don’t know we know. When I write a character, the character is never ‘real’ until he or she has the correct name. Sometimes they are nice enough to appear with the name, and in those cases it is more like meeting someone than creating them. I’ve found that, more often than not, looking up meanings for names adds depth to the character. I definitely fit the definition of my given name to a T.

I digress.

Mag Nor

was the name of the fallen thane

Gram No

the cry of the hawk

Gram On

the cry of the raven

Rang Om

the battle cry that echoed through a misty, bloodsoaked dawn

the harrowing passage

the ringing of steel

the hour that bled

until the valley was silent again

Only six days left!