I’ve been a bit behind in updating, mostly because my life is under renovation right now. I resigned from my former job after 13 years. There were a lot of factors behind this decision, but what it boiled down to was really … it’s just time to move on. I don’t want to stay somewhere just because I’m afraid to leave. I don’t want to stay there, hoping to survive yet one more round of layoffs, simply because I know nothing else.

So I took a leap. I’m relocating, changing my life around. It’s scary. And awesome.

I want to focus more on what matters to me, first and foremost of those things being writing. I need to make myself mobile, so I can move back and forth between my parents, who live on opposite ends of the country.  I’m going back to Maine, at least over the winter.

I’m terrified, excited, freaked out, stoked, happy, sad … but most of all, curious.

Stay tuned …