TOC For Wicked Witches (New England Horror Writers Anthology)

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Stoked to be a part of this! This witch-themed antho will be released in Salem, Mass., Halloween weekend.

Wicked Witches – ToC – (Random Order)

Rob Smales – Moving House
Morgan Sylvia – To Dance the Witch’s Circle Again
John M. McIlveen – In Agatha Craggin’s Defense
James A. Moore – Home Again
Morven Westfield – Witch’s Apprentice
Barry Lee Dejasu – The Place of Bones
Peter Dudar – Portrait of Old Woman With Crows
Izzy Lee – Tilberian Holiday
Errick Danger Nunnally – Welcome to the DIV
Trisha Wooldridge – Witch
Nick Manzolillo – Saint of Regret
Jan Kozlowski – Blessed Be & Kick Ass
Catherine Grant – White Witch
Kenneth Vaughan – Run in the Widow’s Hell
Joshua Goudreau – Black Forest, Black Heart
Paul McMahon – Baskets
Doug Rinaldi – The Jatinga Effect
Gregory Dearborn – TS Eliot Burns in Hell
Patrick Lacey – Another Plane
Remy Flagg – Access Violation
Ogmios TheArtist – Creaking Through Salem
Suzanne Reynolds-Alpert – That Witch We Dread

TOC for Twice Upon An Apocalypse

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From the twisted minds that brought you Once Upon An Apocalypse, Scott Goudsward and Rachel Kenley are proud to present the final TOC for Twice Upon an Apocalypse coming 2017 from Joe Mynhardt and Crystal Lake Publishing. 21 Tales of Lovecraftian horrors mashed with the fairy tales that your parents used to read before bedtime.

The Pied Piper of Providence Willie Meikle
The Three Billy Goats Sotheth Peter Dudar
Little Maiden of the Sea David Bernard
The Great Old One and the Beanstalk Armand Rosamilia
In the Shade of the Juniper Tree J. P. Hutsell
The Horror at Hatchet Point Zach Shephard
The Most Incredible Thing Bracken MacLeod
Let Me Come In! Simon Yee
The Fishman and His Wife Inanna Arthen
Little Match Mi-Go Michael Kemp
Follow the Yellow Glyph Road Scott Goudsward
Gumdrop Apocalypse Peter Rawlik
Curiosity Winifred Burniston
Ice Queen Mae Empson
Once Upon A Dream Matthew Baugh
Cinderella and Her Outer Godfather Charles Phipps
Donkeyskin KH Vaughan
Sweet Dreams in the Witch-House Sean Logan
Fee Fi Old One Thomas Brannan
The King of the Golden Mountain Morgan Sylvia
Creepy Hollow Don D’Ammassa

Matthew M. Bartlett on Rangel, Independent Publishing, and the Horror/Weird Renaissance

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Matthew M. Bartlett’s debut short story collection, Gateways to Abomination, was a critical success, drawing praise from some of the top names in the underground horror and weird literature field. …

Source: Matthew M. Bartlett on Rangel, Independent Publishing, and the Horror/Weird Renaissance

A Cornucopia of Darkness: Publishers you should be reading

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Some of you have probably seen my “You Should be Reading…” posts where I call out certain authors that I think are noteworthy and tell you about them and then guilt you out becaus…

Source: A Cornucopia of Darkness: Publishers you should be reading

Women In Horror Month – Interview with April Hawks

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April Hawks is a Woman in Horror who is a total inspiration for anyone who knows her. Aside from being a writer, she’s a mum and mum to one hell of a tough little thug who had cancer at age 3…

Source: Women In Horror Month – Interview with April Hawks

An Interview with Glenn Rolfe

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Interview with Glenn Rolfe, who is a great writer and just an overall nice guy!

All that withers

When I first met Glenn Rolfe, I knew we were cut from the same cloth. We quickly talked about all things music and horror and had many common passions, from Springsteen to vintage Stephen King, to 80s metal to obscure punk bands. His career has been really taking off, and his writing output has grown tremendously. Each one of his releases has been different in story, but the characters are the kind of people you immediately feel comfortable with–like the guys you’d have a few beers with at the bar who’d give you a jump when that damn old thing won’t start on the way home. But Glenn being Glenn: there’s going to be something sinister lurking just behind that corner . . .

glenn bw profile.jpg
From your first collection of short stories, I feel your writing has gone on to be more and more successful with each release. You’re on fire, creatively. To…

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Tuesday Mayhem Society’s Appearance On The Taco Society

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My writer’s group, Tuesday Mayhem Society, was featured on a local TV show about writing. Here we are, in all of our twisted glory, being grilled mercilessly by Tony Tremblay. Just kidding – Tony was great.

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