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Most of the articles I did for businesses and metal bands on the now-defunct online radio I worked for vanished when the scamming fuckers that ran the site started pulling crap. I moved what I could here. So, in case anyone is wondering, those were initially done for other sites. About 80 percent of the articles I have done are no longer available online, though in some cases they just expired.


E.J. Stevens’ Dark Faerie Prize Pack Giveaway

From E.J. Stevens:

Let’s celebrate the holidays and ring in the new year with fabulous prizes.  Today we are giving away a HUGE dark faerie themed prize pack.

Dark Faerie Prize Pack

We are giving away a Dark Faerie Prize Pack, including a coloring book, faerie necklace, book, earbuds, and more!

  • Gothic Dark Fantasy Coloring Book
  • Faerie Necklace
  • Amy Brown Faerie Greeting Card
  • Ivy Granger LED Keychain Flashlight
  • Ivy Granger Button
  • Shadow Sight (Ivy Granger #1) Ebook
  • Signed Ivy Granger Postcard
  • Custom Purple Earbuds


Dark Faerie Prize Pack EJ Stevens Ivy Granger Fantasy Purple

To enter, please use the Rafflecopter form below.  This giveaway is open to the US, UK, and Canada.  Giveaway begins December 15, 2016 and ends December 31, 2016.

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What is your favorite creature from folklore?
(Faeries, Banshees, Unicorns, Trolls, Pixies, Goblins, Kelpies…)


a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Tom Deady’s HAVEN

Everyone's Devil

I just finished Tom Deady’s debut novel, HAVEN, and really dug it. Enough to write him a blurb. Read the description and my blurb below, then go order the book at CEMETERY DANCE!


The jacket copy:

In 1961, the small town of Haven thought they’d gotten rid of their monster.

After a series of child killings, Paul Greymore was caught carrying a wounded girl. His face, disfigured from a childhood accident, seemed to confirm he was the monster the community hoped to banish. With Paul in prison, the killings stopped.

For seventeen years, Haven was peaceful again. But Paul served his time and has now returned to Haven–the town where he grew up, and the scene of his alleged crimes. Paul insists he didn’t commit those crimes, and several townspeople believe him including the local priest, a young boy named Denny, and his best friend Billy.

Trouble is, now…

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AWRW Book Review: Wicked Witches @NEHorror #WickedWitches #Horror #BookReview

New England has a rich, dark history with the supernatural. From this region many writers of dark fiction have fueled their stories. One chapter in history has been the stuff of legends and nightma…

Source: AWRW Book Review: Wicked Witches @NEHorror #WickedWitches #Horror #BookReview

Wicked Witches – Available now!


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New England has a rich, dark history with the supernatural. From this region many writers of dark fiction have fueled their stories. One chapter in history has been the stuff of legends and nightmares: the Witch. Look to ancient mythology or your next door neighbor and you will find them, practicing arts both Dark and Light. The New England Horror Writers proudly present a new anthology which pays tribute to those whose ancestors were accused, hung, pressed, drowned, or burned at the stake. Enter these pages, wander the hard roads of Colonial America or modern corporate boardrooms, to face the Witch.

Wicked Witches, fiction from New England’s most talented writers: G.D. Dearborn, Barry Lee Dejasu, Peter N. Dudar, Jeremy Flagg, Joshua Goudreau, Catherine Grant, Jan Kozlowski, Patrick Lacey, Izzy Lee, Nick Manzolillo, John McIlveen, Paul McMahon, James A. Moore, Errick A. Nunnally, Ogmios, Suzanne Reynolds-Alpert, Doug Rinaldi, Rob Smales, Morgan Sylvia, K.H. Vaughan, Morven Westfield and Trisha J. Wooldridge

Click here to order
Introduction by Penny Dreadful; Cover art by Mikio Murakami


I am super stoked to announce that Bloodshot Books will release my horror novel, Abode, in 2017. We will be debuting this at Necon, to be specific. More to come!

The Ariadne Project: Who Is Ariadne?

Magick From Scratch

I heard you, Dionysos. 

Ariadne_and_DioSo, as I begin to delve into the idea of Ariadne as a goddess, equal in stature to Dionysos, I know that I will have to dig deep and be exhaustive. Before I even begin, I know that the source material that exists on Ariadne is a mess. I know that I may be embarking on what could wind up being years, rather than days or weeks, of intensive research.

There are three different version of why Ariadne isn’t with Theseus, at least two different versions of what her relationship with Dionysos is like, and a half dozen versions of how or why she died.

The story we all think of, naturally, is Ariadne with her golden string, helping Theseus escape from the labyrinth and the Minotaur because she was in love with him. She sails away with him, and then he leaves her on an…

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Her Scales Shine Like Music — Tor.com

“Her Scales Shine Like Music” by Rajnar Vajra is a moving science fiction novelette about an encounter and budding relationship between two aliens, one human, who are the only living creatures occupying a planet in deep space. The human is assigned to guard a valuable find, while his colleagues leave, to file a report with…

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TOC For Wicked Witches (New England Horror Writers Anthology)

Stoked to be a part of this! This witch-themed antho will be released in Salem, Mass., Halloween weekend.

Wicked Witches – ToC – (Random Order)

Rob Smales – Moving House
Morgan Sylvia – To Dance the Witch’s Circle Again
John M. McIlveen – In Agatha Craggin’s Defense
James A. Moore – Home Again
Morven Westfield – Witch’s Apprentice
Barry Lee Dejasu – The Place of Bones
Peter Dudar – Portrait of Old Woman With Crows
Izzy Lee – Tilberian Holiday
Errick Danger Nunnally – Welcome to the DIV
Trisha Wooldridge – Witch
Nick Manzolillo – Saint of Regret
Jan Kozlowski – Blessed Be & Kick Ass
Catherine Grant – White Witch
Kenneth Vaughan – Run in the Widow’s Hell
Joshua Goudreau – Black Forest, Black Heart
Paul McMahon – Baskets
Doug Rinaldi – The Jatinga Effect
GD Dearborn – TS Eliot Burns in Hell
Patrick Lacey – Another Plane
Remy Flagg – Access Violation
Ogmios TheArtist – Creaking Through Salem
Suzanne Reynolds-Alpert – That Witch We Dread

TOC for Twice Upon An Apocalypse

From the twisted minds that brought you Once Upon An Apocalypse, Scott Goudsward and Rachel Kenley are proud to present the final TOC for Twice Upon an Apocalypse coming 2017 from Joe Mynhardt and Crystal Lake Publishing. 21 Tales of Lovecraftian horrors mashed with the fairy tales that your parents used to read before bedtime.

The Pied Piper of Providence Willie Meikle
The Three Billy Goats Sotheth Peter Dudar
Little Maiden of the Sea David Bernard
The Great Old One and the Beanstalk Armand Rosamilia
In the Shade of the Juniper Tree J. P. Hutsell
The Horror at Hatchet Point Zach Shephard
The Most Incredible Thing Bracken MacLeod
Let Me Come In! Simon Yee
The Fishman and His Wife Inanna Arthen
Little Match Mi-Go Michael Kemp
Follow the Yellow Glyph Road Scott Goudsward
Gumdrop Apocalypse Peter Rawlik
Curiosity Winifred Burniston
Ice Queen Mae Empson
Once Upon A Dream Matthew Baugh
Cinderella and Her Outer Godfather Charles Phipps
Donkeyskin KH Vaughan
Sweet Dreams in the Witch-House Sean Logan
Fee Fi Old One Thomas Brannan
The King of the Golden Mountain Morgan Sylvia
Creepy Hollow Don D’Ammassa